Muscle-Up Challenge

MAX'S 12 Week Muscle-Up Challenge

Have you got what it takes to get into the best shape of your life in just 12 weeks? Transform your body, feel great, look fantastic and go in the running to win awesome prizes – it’s all part of MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge.

What is the Muscle-Up Challenge?

The MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge is a 12 week program of hard training and focussed nutrition to help you achieve amazing results. And it’s easy to enter and compete. You simply:

We’ll post your progress on our website, then when all the entries are in we’ll ask our MAX’S community to vote for their favourite transformation. If you get the most votes and our judges OK your entry – you’re the winner!

You can start your Challenge anytime between 1st of February and 28th of February 2011. Once you register you have just 12 weeks to complete your Challenge.

For more information go to or call our information Hotline: 1800 071 320


The competition is open to male and female trainers over the age of 16 years who are residents of Australia (please see our website for detailed terms and conditions). The MAX’S Muscle-Up Challenge gives you the chance to win some great prizes:

Who Should Enter the Challenge?

You may be reading this thinking “I could never do that” or “I wouldn’t have a chance of winning.” That’s negative! BE POSITIVE. You don’t have to win the Challenge to be a winner! Why not use the Challenge as a program to get in fantastic shape, and if you happen to win one of our great prizes – that would be a BONUS! Which means anyone can enter the challenge! And your goals can be varied:

Whatever your goal – this is a great way to help you achieve it!

So if you’ve always thought – “I know I could get in great shape if I really set my mind to it”, or maybe you’d just like to give it a real crack and see what’s possible, this is a great program to take on. MAX’S will offer support, diet and training advice, plus you can join our community of challengers and egg each other on.

Why not enlist a friend, partner, or work colleague and take on the challenge together. SO to answer the question “Who should enter the Challenge?”, the answer is anyone who is passionate about changing their body and lifestyle to be in their best ever shape.

Judging the Winners

How will the winners be chosen? We’ve set up a voting system on our Challenge website. After all the entrants have completed their Challenge and uploaded their photos, we’ll open the voting on the website to our MAX’S Community. We’ll be asking them to carefully consider all the transformations and choose their favorite three.

The voting will be open for 2 weeks. Our judges will then review the voting and the entrant’s details before declaring our winners.

What we are looking for are great transformations, not just the guy with the biggest muscles or the girl with the best figure. And while we are offering some great prizes, many people take up these types of challenges, not to win first prize, but as a motivating program to get them in great shape.

OK, I've entered, what's next?

Well this is where it get’s down to the nitty gritty. What do you have to do to transform your body and get into great shape in just 12 weeks?

We’ll be posting a full body transformation guide online for Challengers to download to help them with their challenge. This guide will include details of nutrition, supplements and training to help you get into great shape. But to get the very best out of your Challenge, we recommend you consider the following:

Important Dates


Q. Do I have to use the MAX’S products to be eligible to win?

A. Yes. It is a condition of entry that you must use MAX’S Products to be eligible to win any prizes. Please keep receipts of the MAX’S products you purchase during your Challenge.

Q. Can I enter the competition without using the internet?

A. No. You must enter online and update your Challenge page online. You will be judged and received votes based on the information you put on your Challenge page.

Q. Does it cost me anything to enter the Challenge

A. No, entering the Challenge is free however you are required to purchase and use MAX’S Products during the Challenge.

Q. Where can I go for information and advice about training or nutrition?

A. You can go to for more information. Another great idea is to check out our Facebook Page or you can call our toll free number 1800 071 320 for more information.